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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow ..Snow..Snow......

We had a snow storm last Monday (2/1) and we were basically snowed in for a couple of days.  With being retired this storm didn't bother me at all.  I didn't leave the house for the entire week.  Gave me a chance to try some new recipes.  :-)  Here are some pictures of the snow and my grandson AJ and the dog Gilby playing in the snow.  AJ has such an imagination.  That's him in the kiddie pool covered in a blanket, what he was thinking only he knows.  LOL
As you can see the snow is coming down.  Look at the shed and where the snow is at the door.....
now look at where it is.
 And here's a shot I took just before I went to bed that night, as you can see it's still coming down.
We had snow again last night but not as bad as before, maybe an inch and a half.  I have the fires going and it's nice and warm inside.  Probably won't be going out again, except maybe to take Josh to work.
Have a great day everyone, stay warm and Remember to Find the Time to Do All the things You Love.

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