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Sunday, January 15, 2012


This year for Christmas I was at my son's house in New Mexico. I try to switch each year so that way I get to have the holiday with each of my children and their wonderful families. I had such a terrific time and really hated to leave. The grandchildren grow so fast and change so much in a years time. We stayed on the go and there were a couple of times I just pooped out and had to sit and rest while my daughter in-law and granddaughter just trucked along shopping, Don't get me wrong it was great fun, I just couldn't keep up this year. Guess that means I'm getting old. HA!
I did some cooking while I was there and one night my granddaughter Lyndsey helped me make the soft bread sticks that I previously posted. Wow she did a marvelous job. Here are some pictures of her.
Look at the concentration on her face. Sticking your tongue out really does help.... I know, I do the same thing. LOL.
Now the rolling and twisting.

Time to butter and add cheese.
Into the the wait!
And the finished product. Didn't she do a GREAT job. Thanks Lyndsey for a Wonderful Memory and of course these will go in your scrapbook.

This is Jake my grandson on Christmas Day. Don't know why I didn't take a picture of him eating the wonderful bread sticks. I know he really enjoyed them!
Thanks for stopping by. Hope everyone had a Holiday Season filled with love, happiness and good Health. I know I sure did.

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