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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Magic Cake

I happen to see this on Pinterest and knew I just had to try it.  This past week we celebrated yet another birthday and thought I would make this along with the apple turnovers the birthday boy requested.  This cake has a custard type filling in the middle that just happens, like magic.  It's a bit on the bland side but JR said it was really good and reminded him of a cake he has eaten when he was a kid.  I think the center reminds me a bit of Flan.  IMP is was ok but he loved it so that's what was important.

4 eggs (separate yolks from whites) at room temperature
1 tsp vanilla extract
3/4 cup  sugar
1 stick butter, melted
3/4 cup of all purpose flour
2 cups milk lukewarm * I used 1/2 n 1/2 and water*
powdered sugar for dusting cake
Preheat oven to 325 F degrees. Grease a 8 inch x 8 inch baking dish.
Separate eggs and add the egg whites to a mixer and mix until egg whites are stiff. Place egg whites in a bowl and set aside.
Beat the egg yolks with the sugar until light. Add butter and vanilla extract and continue beating for another minute or two after which you can add the flour and mix it in until fully incorporated.
Slowly start adding the milk and beat until everything is well mixed together. Add the egg whites, a third at a time and gently fold them in using a spatula, repeat until all egg whites are folded in. Another variation to folding in the egg whites would be to add a third of the egg whites and gently whisk them in to the cake batter, then reverse the process and add a bit of the cake mixture to the egg whites and gently whisk in, repeat until all cake batter has been whisked in.
Pour batter into baking dish and bake for 40 to 70 minutes or until the top is lightly golden. The baking time could vary greatly depending on the oven, so take a peek at around 40 minutes and see how it looks.
Sprinkle some powdered sugar after cake has cooled
Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful day and Remember to Find the Time to Do ALL the things YOU L♥ve.

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