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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Some Pictures from Maine

While I was in Maine we took a side trip to Vermont to the King Arthur Store.  Here are 3 pictures from there.  Wow this place was like being in a candy store for grown up Bakers.  :)

This is the sign when you first enter the compound.
They have people from all over come here and as you can see also have tour buses at times.  It's a wonderful place with tons of baking needs and also odds and ends.  I of course bought stuff and had them ship it home so it was here when I came home.

This is the Sign that is on top of the entry way into the store.
This is the entry,  oh yes they also have baked goods you can buy and also taste.  They have 3 or so items cooking at different times and you can sample the product.

Inside King Arthur's, now how cute is this!

This is our ATV ride, this was a great ride because it was on an old railroad bed so you could just fly along.
 At times there was dust as you can see
This was our stop before we headed back, as you can see Winnie packs her coffee and cigs.

 Orm, me and Vic.  Orm is Winnie's brother and Vic is one of his good friends.
 I can't remember how long a ride this was, I think it was like 26 miles each way.
 This ride was in Machias, Maine, we went to Helen's to eat. Vic was putting his buff back on, these really help the dust from getting all over your face.

What a fun day this was....loading up to  come home.

 I'll be posting more pictures in the up coming days, between Winnie and I we took over 1000 pictures.
Have a wonderful Saturday and Remember to Find the Time to Do ALL the things you LOVE.

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