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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Cookies

Here is an array of my Christmas Cookies.  Whew am I glad that's all over.

there are pecan snowball, ginger crinkle, lemon shortbread. pistachio, blueberry, shortbread, walnut sandie, sesame walnut, poppy seed orange, ultimate peanutbutter and the squares are a banana, date, cranberry muffin.  The chocolate raspberry ones were not done when I took this picture.

this is the chocolate cookie with the chocolate raspberry ganache in the middle. (I put a walnut on the top of this one)

This is the linzer, blueberry and walnut sandie on the right.

this is the lemon shortbread, and the left is the pecan snowball.

The ginger crinkle.

center pistachio cookie

apricot linzer cookie

ultimate peanut butter...yummy

So there you go, if there are any you would like the recipe for let me know.  Hope you all are recovering from Christmas.  Hard to believe in 2 1/2 days it will be a New Year.
Thanks for stopping by and Remember to Find the Time to Do ALL the things YOU love.


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