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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another Toy

Well I got another new toy for the kitchen.   I've been experimenting with pastas,  hopefully you saw the post with the homemade Lasagna Noodles.  Boy was the meal ever so  yummy....As Buddy would say with  his Jersey accent "Forget about it!"  Since I'm now making homemade pasta I needed to be able to do more than just spaghetti, fettuccine,  lasagna noodles, and ravioli.  So I went searching for a good pasta maker.  We have a commercial grade Kitchen Aide mixer so I did some research on their pasta extruder and after days of reading, the attachment for the KA was the best I found.  I also found  that on Amazon. com one of their suppliers had it the most reasonable and there was no tax and no shipping.  Woo Hoo and best of all I had it in 5 days.   The attachment has 6 dies.  Here it is.   Oh grrrr it's $20 cheaper now...What's with that???  :-(
Well it came and I have already made two types of pasta.....Rigatoni and Fusilli.  I will be making a shrimp and pasta dish tonight  with a cream sauce that I will share with you all.
Here are the two pastas I made today.  My daughter was down and helped.  I had made the dough, let it rest and then she put it in the machine and I did the cutting.
This is the Rigatoni

 and this is the Fusilli...
I will let them dry and then bag them and put them in the freezer.  I think one of the dishes we will make with the Rigatoni will be Baked Ziti...oh I can taste that already.
Thanks for stopping by and I'll be back soon with a dish I made with the fusilli.
Have a wonderful day and Remember to Find the time to DO all the things YOU love.

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The Country Rose said...

THAT is so cool!!!!! I had no idea machines like this existed! Now you just need a flour mill :D


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