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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I love bagels and happen to catch an old Julia Child show with Lauren Groveman and her wonderful recipe for bagels.  You can find her blog here. Along with the recipe and full instructions.  My first attempt with these was not so good.  I over boiled the dough and ewwwwwwwwww some of the inside was icky.  So today I tried again and I also found that this recipe makes a brotchen.  Yes that's right a brotchen.  I have been searching and searching for a recipe for them and have tried several and they did not taste like the real thing but today with a small change in the wash I now have a duel recipe.  Thank you so much Lauren.   Instead of using the egg white was I used plain water and it gave the top crust a wonderful crunch and crumb.  These are wonderful Bagels..I've tried them plain with butter, yum....toasted with cream cheese, yum.. and the one that was plain I made a sandwich and boy it was like I was back in Germany....HEAVEN!  That one tasted just like the Brotchen I remember.  So I would say that the boiling of the risen dough and the water wash did the trick.  I will try these again and will shape them into a roll for sandwiches.

Here they are before their water bath on the right .   And the one
below is one with sesame seeds. And the other picture with all of them.
This was my baking for the today (I also made white bread for my grandson but that will be another post soon.  Not sure what I will do tomorrow so guess we'll all be surprised.  LOL
Have a wonderful day and remember to FIND the TIME to do what you love.
PS I keep forgetting to plug my other blog.  I also do paper crafts and have a blog for those things.  If you want to pop over and visit me there here is the link.  I am working on changing the look over there so please bear with me, all this is new to me.  My friend Barb is the one that originally set up the other blog and she now is a Stamin Up demo, and you must visit her blog she has such great idea's and inspiration. 

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