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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hi everyone

I've decided to give a try to this blog stuff.  I have lots of things to post from pictures of the grandkids, projects I've been working on.  My new passion bread making, baking and trying new recipes.  Since I have been able to stay home...which I must add ....I love it!  I get up when I want, get dressed..... if I want, eat when I want and just plain ole do whatever my little heart desires. 

There are days I craft, make cards, print pictures for scrapbooking or bake.  I will be trying another new recipe which I will share when I make it.  It's a muffin recipe.
Here is the Rye bread with caraway seeds that I made for Easter Dinner.  Wow was it good.   You can find the recipe for this easy no knead bread here.   He has great pictures and step by step instructions.  So you can tell from the Easter Comment that is has taken me a while to get things going and figure out how to do this blog thing.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.  I will be having friends over for dinner.  We're having Parmesan Crusted Talapia, coleslaw, broccoli,  and a new bread recipe.....Pumpernickel Bread (which I might add has been a real pain since we are having rain the dough is very sticky)  I better go get a picture before I bake it.  May post some pictures of the meal and my friends.

bye for now

PS I'm back and it's now Tuesday June 15, 2010 and I've done some cyber searching and found out how to do the printable recipes so here it is for this bread
printable recipe

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