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Friday, October 15, 2010

tri fold shutter card

Last week I was surfing the net trying to get some inspiration for Christmas cards.  I have about 90 cards I have to make and am not one to make the same card over and over.  I found this card here .   It's much easier than it looks. She gives wonderful instructions also.  The pinkish color is not part of the card.  It was really overcast today so there are lots of shadows.  Sorry!

Here is the card opened up.

So as you can see you color combo can be endless.
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day and up coming weekend.  Remember to find the time to do all the Things you Love.


The Country Rose said...

Great job on this Donna! I love making tri-shutter cards!

Atty said...

thanks Barb, it was fun doing this card. I've never done them before.

Sam said...

I love the colors! I made one just last week - fun to make!

Atty said...

Thanks Sam

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