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Monday, March 14, 2011

Spudnut Doughnuts

I saw this recipe last year sometime when I first started to blog.  It's from Coleen's site, again if you have not visited her site try to take the time to she has some wonderful recipes.
It was a beautiful day here in Kansas,  just maybe Spring is on the way.  I prepared the dough and then went outside to rake leaves.  Oh how I hate doing that chore.  Hate it, hate it....but I wanted to get some of the flowerbeds ready.  *sigh*  I spent about an hour and a half  outside so when I came in the dough was ready to roll and cut and then leave to rise again.  NO I didn't go back outside.  I think the next time I make these I will leave out the lemon extract, to me it was not the flavor I wanted.
Also the glaze I used was a bit sweet so will try something else for that too.  I put plain white sugar on some, powdered sugar on some and some with chocolate ganache.  The doughnut holes I filled with raspberry jam and then topped them with all the same toppings.

2 pkgs. Dry yeast
1/2 cup warm water

1 cup sugar
3/4 cup shortening (do not use butter)
1 - 1/2 cups cold instant mashed potatoes (I used leftover real mashed potatoes)
3 eggs well beaten
2 cups scalded milk (cooled to Luke warm)
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon lemon extract
6 to 8 cups all purpose flour

Dissolve the yeast in the warm water and set aside. Cream the sugar and shortening and beat in the cold potatoes, eggs, cooled milk, yeast water, salt and lemon extract. Gradually add the flour to make a soft dough, knead well. The dough will be quite sticky.
Cover dough with plastic and let it raise in a warm place until doubled in size  about an hour to hour and a half). After an hour or so, pull dough out of bowl and onto the counter.  (dust hands with flour)  Sprinkle with flour and knead it a little to get most of the air out of it.  If dough seems really sticky,  just flour your work surface.   Roll the dough out to a half inch thickness.  Cut with well-floured cutter. 
Spray a piece of parchment paper (or waxed paper) with a little vegetable spray and then wipe it down with a paper towel.  Cut the paper into squares and put a cut out doughnut on each square.  This will help you when it is time to transfer the raised donuts from the counter to the hot oil.  Let the doughnuts raise until they get nice and puffy, then  Deep fry the donuts in 375 degree vegetable oil until they are deep golden . Only fry two or three donuts at a time.  Drain on paper towels. Glaze while still warm 
1/3 cup melted butter
2 cups powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
¼ teaspoon almond extract
4 tablespoons hot water 
Mix everything together (starting with 3 tablespoons hot water, then adding the last tablespoon if you need it).
Doughnuts ready to rise:
The different types and the filled doughnut hole

And one almost devoured.  :)
Thanks for taking the time to stop by.  Have a wonderful day and Remember to Find the Time to do ALL the things YOU love.


The Country Rose said...

Hmmm, is everyone at your house signed up with Weight Watchers now, lol!!!! Just kidding ;-)! You may put Dunkin' Donuts out of business though if you keep going! These look fabulous and I can just imagine how good they were all warm and toasty and freshly made :)


Atty said...

These were very tasty and I am sure glad I can give all this stuff away and only keep 1 for myself. LOL Such a shame you're not closer I could send stuff your way too.
Hope you're feeling better.

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