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Monday, August 2, 2010

Quick Easy Lunch

Want lunch in a hurry, well here's a very quick, fresh sandwich....of course it's best if you make it on the Home made deli rye bread found here,  but guess if you're not into bread making you can use store bought.  ;-( 
You could make these for 1 or for as many as you want to feed.  Just slice your bread, butter it well put the bottom piece on your griddle or fry pan then place your cheese/ham/sliced tomato

and whatever else you may want, such as red or sweet onion slices, avocado slices, peppers....


well you get the idea.  I'm a plain type of eater don't like all those extra things on a sandwich unless  maybe lettuce.  Kind of like how I eat my pizza have to have that plain too with just the cheese and sauce.  Ok back to the sandwich.  Then place the top piece of bread (top of it buttered)

Here is a close up when it's does that not look yummy???

And one more
 Hope you have a wonderful day and remember to Find the time to do ALL the things you Love.

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