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Monday, August 23, 2010

Stuffed Chicken

Here's a tasty chicken recipe that only takes about 45 minutes.

I must apologize because I forgot to take pictures of the meat before and after it was pounded and rolled.  Geesh some days I wonder where my head is.  So the next time I make this I will get those photo's and put them on this post.  I do have the finished product so hopefully that will count for something.  I used boneless skinless chicken breast.  I butterflied them and then pounded them so they were fairly thin.  I placed with inbetween waxed paper and then in a plastic bag and used a meat mallet.  I then seasoned them with some salt and pepper and placed 4 or 5 cleaned asparagus spears in the middle and then topped it with mozzarella cheese, starting at one end I rolled them up and placed them seam side down on a baking sheet and then spread a little mayonnaise on the top and then sprinkled Italian bread crumbs on top.  I adapted this recipe from this one .  The next time I make this I will also make a cheese asparagus sauce to go over the top.  The dish was good but could have used a cream sauce to make it even better.  This is the chicken I made when I made the Hasselback potatoes.

Here is a picture of  it coated ready for the oven

Bake in  a preheated oven for about 30-40 minutes until juices run clear.  You can use a thermometer test and that should read 165 F or 74c.

See the piece of cheese oozing out??

Thanks for coming by, hope you try this one, I'm sure your family would really enjoy it.

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