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Monday, April 18, 2016

Italian Cream Lemon Cake

Not quite sure why they call this Italian Cream Cake because there is not sort of Italian stuff in it.   The gal from the site listed below said heavy cream is the only cream they have in Italy.  HMMM interesting.  Wonder if this would be good with maybe ricotta cheese in it.  May try that and see.
 I made this for my Monday Work Treat.  Another I found on Pinterest that looked really yummy and was a had to try recipe.

adapted from here
2 cups + 1 tablespoon flour (270 grams)
1 3/4 cups icing/powdered sugar (218.75 grams)
4 eggs
2/3 cup whole cream (150 ml) (heavy cream or whipping cream)
7 tablespoons butter melted (100 grams)
zest of one lemon
1 teaspoon vanilla (5 grams)
2 teaspoons baking powder (10 grams)
1/2 teaspoon salt (2.85 grams)

Here is its before the Powdered Sugar

Pre-heat oven to 350° (180° celsius). Lightly grease and flour an 9 1/2 inch bundt cake (24 centimeter) (I'm sure a 9 inch round cake pan would work)
In a large bowl beat on medium speed eggs and sugar (powdered/icing sugar) until light and fluffy,
Melt butter and let cool completely.
Grate the peel of one lemon.(zest)
In a medium bowl whisk together flour,baking powder and salt, then alternating with the cream gently fold into egg mixture with a spatula, keep folding until mixture is combined, gently fold in lemon peel, vanilla and melted butter, pour into prepared pan and bake for approximately 40-45 minutes. Let cool, then dust with powdered/icing sugar. Enjoy!

 Thanks for stopping  by, have a wonderful week and Always Remember to Find the Time to DO ALL the things YOU L♥ve.

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